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Andrew Mishlove is a real rider and a real lawyer. He has been fighting in court for bikers since 1981; and he has a reputation as one of the best trial lawyers in Wisconsin. He has handled thousands of cases and tried several hundred jury trials, including bike accident cases and bike DUIs. He is also certified in DUI defense. Andrew has court experience in most of the counties in Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He is even licensed in the United States Supreme Court. A real rider, Andrew Mishlove understands what it means to ride in traffic, where the cars will look right at you , but still not see you. He understands the dynamics of a car that turns left in front of you or pulls out of a driveway into you. He knows about the dirty patch in the center of the lane and gravel in the corners. His knowledge about bikes is extensive. In fact, Andrew Mishlove has torn down and rebuilt several of his own motorcycles. Mishlove has successfully raced motorcycles in a number of disciplines, including road-racing, vintage racing, supermoto and ice-racing. He enjoys riding bikes of all sizes, categories and dimensions, including his KTM 950 Adventure, dirt-road touring bike.

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