Steelhorse Law Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


Testimonial - Richard Skinner

Brian Caron 07/15/2014

My name is Richard Skinner and I highly recommend using SteelHorse Law to represent you in a claim arising from your motorcycle accident.

This most recent accident wasn’t my first, in fact I had one before, but it was this one I had SteelHorse Law help me with. And the results couldn’t have been better. I recall that on my first accident I got worked over by the insurance company, didn’t get top dollar to repair my bike, and really didn’t get a settlement at all for my injuries.

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Testimonial - Arzell Bostick

Brian Caron 06/15/2014

My name is Arzell Bostick and, by the time my case was all done, was I ever glad I came across and hired Steelhorse Law.

I did like a lot of other guys, I saw the flashy commercials, saw fake checks being handled in front of TV and figured I need to go to one of the big, high advertising law firms to handle what I thought was going to be a run of the mill personal injury case.

Boy was I wrong!

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Testimonial - Aurthur V. Vohs

Brian Caron 05/15/2014

When I was involved in my motorcycle accident, I was left, I thought, for dead. I was vacationing in Florida when some guy in a truck did an illegal U?turn right in front of me, knocked me out, and did some significant damage to my shoulder and wrist.

To make matters much worse the guy driving around provided the police department with insurance information that proved to be a lie, as the policy had been cancelled and he was driving around with no insurance.

Frankly, I thought I was in a lot of trouble. I had an ambulance company calling me to be repaid. I had doctors’ offices calling me to pay medical bills. I was being informed by my health insurance that they had a right to have me repay them for portions of the medical bills that they paid on my behalf. All this was made worse, I thought, when I was told by my insurance company that they were not going to honor any claim that I might be able to make, referring me, instead, to the insurance company for the guy who hit me.

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Testimonial - Doug and Tyann Davis

Brian Caron 04/15/2014

I just wanted to send you all a final thank you. I can't imagine how things would of turned out without all of you help. Bill was great with all of his help in dealing with the adjusters and not only getting a great pay off for my bike but also recovering money from my accessories. Scott was very patient and always kept us in the loop, on top of taking care of all the billing information and details. Brian was a pleasure to work with from day one and negotiated a great deal for us. I couldn't be happier with all of your work and will definitely spread the word to others in need of your services. Thanks to George Stein and the attorneys at Steelhorse Law!!

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Testimonial - Ginger and David

Brian Caron 03/15/2014

We met Brian two years ago when my husband was involved in an automobile accident. We were scared and didn't know how we were going to handle all the stress of his severe injuries, much less dealing with the insurance companies, hospital and Dr bills. Brian assured us that he would take the stress off of us and the attorneys at Steelhorse Law would handle everything. Brian went above and beyond all of our expectations. He handled our case with the utmost professionalism, attentiveness and integrity. He had a genuine concern for what was best for us and for that we are forever grateful. We feel we not only have an attorney for life, but also someone we consider a friend for life. Thank you again to George Stein and the attorneys at Steelhorse Law for everything you've done for David and I, we don't know what we would have done without you!!!

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Testimonial - Keith Jones

Brian Caron 02/15/2014

On September 22nd 2013 I was involved in an accident while riding my motorcycle. After five days in the hospital and major surgery I was released with a titanium rod placed in my left leg. I had Months of physical therapy before walking again but realized how fortunate I was. I also realized I should be compensated for out of pocket expenses , pain and suffering, lost wages etc. On a Sunday afternoon I went on the website of Steelhorse Law. Within minutes I received a call from a partner in the firm and the next day a personal visit from Brian Caron. I really expected an associate but I got a senior partner.

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Spring Clean Up

Brian Caron 04/04/2014

After a crazy winter filled with rain, sleet, snow, ice and even earthquakes, it looks like we’ve finally turned the corner, the calendar has flipped to March, and that means riding season. Time to hit the road.

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Road Blocks

Brian Caron 06/05/2014

There are some truths in life that are self-evident: the sky is blue, water is wet, and motorcycle enthusiasts are a social bunch. Bikers love riding together, partying together and nowhere is this more pronounced than at motorcycle rallies. Some rallies (like the annual one in Sturgis, SD or the Daytona Bike Week in Florida) have become legendary and taken on international fame. However, their fame has come at a price. Consequently, they have popped onto the radar screens of certain law enforcement agencies across the country.

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Riding Tips

Brian Caron 07/23/2014

At SteelHorse Law we are constantly working to protect motorcycle riders as much as possible, whether representing an injured rider against an insurance company, or by providing good sound advice that will, ultimately, provide our community with access to real information that you can use to make your ride safer. The following are a few simple tips you can act upon quickly that will protect you and your ride if the need arises.

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Insurance Coverage Information

Brian Caron 05/02/2014

When you sign up with a new insurance company, the advertising and catch words are always about shopping rates and figuring out the best way to save money. When insurance salesmen are quoting you prices and showing you how they can save you money, most of the time you ask two questions….. 1) do I have “full coverage” and 2) “if I hit someone do I have enough coverage so I don’t get sued?” What I have learned from speaking at dozens of seminars and meetings is that the general public’s perception of full coverage doesn’t really mean what most people think. The term “full coverage” usually means your policy has collision coverage on it to cover property damage in the event you cause an accident. Yet, when only focusing on these two questions, you might leave out the most important issue.

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