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My name is Arzell Bostick and, by the time my case was all done, was I ever glad I came across and hired Steelhorse Law.

I did like a lot of other guys, I saw the flashy commercials, saw fake checks being handled in front of TV and figured I need to go to one of the big, high advertising law firms to handle what I thought was going to be a run of the mill personal injury case.

Boy was I wrong!

I signed up with one of those firms that advertise all I needed to do was call them one time and I would be receiving a check shortly thereafter. Shortly thereafter turned into two months then three months. No phone calls being returned. Four months, then six months. By the time it was close to seven months I figured it was time for me to move my case to a different law firm and I called Steelhorse Law.

Steelhorse Law was extremely responsive to my issues. They met with me within a day of my telephone call. They were extremely easy to deal with, even drawing up the necessary paperwork for me to transfer my file from one attorney to another. When the file was ready they promptly picked it up, reviewed it and immediately let me know the status of the file from the prior law firm. Imagine my surprise when four months after hiring Steelhorse Law we were able to settle my case for a very large sum of money and, even better, I was kept updated about the status of my settlement and the file being built throughout the process. Both my telephone calls and emails were promptly returned. Any questions that arose I was promptly called, the issues were discussed and appropriate actions took place. I was worried about getting this thing taken care of before my wedding in November, but getting it done four months earlier than expected was beyond my expectations and proved to be a client service that I really did not anticipate given my prior experience.

There is no question in my mind that I had to do this all over again, from the beginning, I would have hired Steelhorse Law. Their level of professionalism and the forthright manner in which they dealt with me throughout this process was so respectful and impressive there’s no doubt in my mind that I would recommend their services to any friend or downed rider I may come across as a firefighter.

Brian Caron 06/15/2014

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