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When I was involved in my motorcycle accident, I was left, I thought, for dead. I was vacationing in Florida when some guy in a truck did an illegal U?turn right in front of me, knocked me out, and did some significant damage to my shoulder and wrist.

To make matters much worse the guy driving around provided the police department with insurance information that proved to be a lie, as the policy had been cancelled and he was driving around with no insurance.

Frankly, I thought I was in a lot of trouble. I had an ambulance company calling me to be repaid. I had doctors’ offices calling me to pay medical bills. I was being informed by my health insurance that they had a right to have me repay them for portions of the medical bills that they paid on my behalf. All this was made worse, I thought, when I was told by my insurance company that they were not going to honor any claim that I might be able to make, referring me, instead, to the insurance company for the guy who hit me.

That’s when I hired SteelHorse Law and things changed dramatically. And very quickly.

SteelHorse Law was, first of all, able to build a case with my insurance company to force them to honor a claim that I would later submit. Shortly after my insurance company agreed that they would honor the claim, SteelHorse was able to settle my case for much more money than I ever expected. My attorneys helped me take care of the medical bills and the health insurance company’s claim to be reimbursed. Not to mention they even got me compensated for the time I lost at work.

When it was all said and done, everything was taken care of and, even better, put a significant amount of money into my pocket, tax free.

I can’t imagine what things would have been like without the help of Jeremy, George and the other attorneys at SteelHorse Law. There is no question, while I don’t want to have to use them again personally for a motorcycle accident, I would recommend them to my friends or other riders.

Brian Caron 05/15/2014

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