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My name is Richard Skinner and I highly recommend using SteelHorse Law to represent you in a claim arising from your motorcycle accident.

This most recent accident wasn’t my first, in fact I had one before, but it was this one I had SteelHorse Law help me with. And the results couldn’t have been better. I recall that on my first accident I got worked over by the insurance company, didn’t get top dollar to repair my bike, and really didn’t get a settlement at all for my injuries.

This time around, however, things were different. Working with my attorneys at SteelHorse Law I the proper advice on the best way to take care of my medical bills. They were tough in negotiating with the insurance company to make sure that I was going to be treated fairly when it came to paying to replace my bike and taking care of my injuries. My SteelHorse lawyers made sure I got top dollar for my bike, were able to negotiate an outstanding settlement to make sure all of my medical bills were paid, and that I was compensated for the time I lost, including the pain I suffered following my accident.

SteelHorse law managed to do all of this while constantly working with my wife and me to make sure that all channels of communication were open. My phone calls were returned, my emails replied to and my questions were always answered. They are a class act.

Brian Caron 07/15/2014

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