Rider's Advantage Card

Whether we are protecting a downed rider’s rights and finances through aggressive representation of a personal injury case, maximizing the value of recovery for a wrecked bike or helping a rider deal with legal matters stemming from a ride gone bad, the lawyers at SteelHorse Law are committed to nothing less than tenacious representation of bikers of all shapes, sizes and rides. Our law firm dedicates our practice to personal injuries stemming from motorcycle accidents. SteelHorse’s advantages don’t stop there. Because we care about our riders and offer as much protection as possible, SteelHorse Law has put together our Rider’s Advantage Card so you can take advantage of the protections we offer for free. As we expand the program you will be made aware of the new advantages available to you. Submit the form below to request your Riders Advantage Card.

Free Legal Advice for All Motorcycle Related Matters.

SteelHorse Law provides free consultations to our card holders regarding traffic related offenses on your bike, personal injury questions, motorcycle insurance disputes and other, general, matters that relate to motorcycles or their operation.

Free Representation for Motorcycle Damage Claims

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, not at fault and your motorcycle is damaged, our office will assist you in negotiating the property damage claim for your bike at no charge. We know that you ride alone, but if you are injured, you no longer have to feel scared or worried about being taken advantage of by insurance companies. SteelHorse Law will protect you like one of our own. Take our Riders Advantage Card along with you for your next ride!

Charity Rides

In an effort to protect our brothers and sisters in the motorcycle community, we will come to the aid of bikers who are victims of an accident by assisting with a charity ride dedicated to helping them recover from the devastating effects of this crime. All you need to arrange a charity ride, is to carry a Rider’s Advantage Card with you. Call us at 404 522-1000 for more details.

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